Hawke´s Bay Apples picked, packed, promoted.



Benefits for growers

Longview leases 40 hectares to grow our own fruit. This represents about 20% of all fruit we pack. The remainder comes from our grower / suppliers, many of whom are also shareholders in the company. For new growers who may be considering joining us, we offer the following benefits:

Peace of mind

Growers can be confident we will extract the maximum return from their crop. We do this not only by achieving premium prices for grade one export fruit, but by finding buyers for all grades - selling as much of the fruit as we can, before it goes to juice.

This is achieved both through technology, which allows more accurate grading, and by the experience of our marketing team, who know what different markets - and different buyers - are looking for. Ultimately it's about achieving maximum returns per hectare, by finding a buyer for every apple.

Minimal up-front costs

As well as offering a bin advance on delivery, we will cover all packing and cool storage costs until payment is received. We try to get money back to growers as quickly as possible - often by the end of October, rather than the end of the year.

Feedback and support

We are continually looking for improvement. Regular grower meetings and orchard walks provide opportunities to discuss new developments within the industry, or trends in world markets. it's in our interests to see a strong, profitable industry.